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    From a CD Baby Review: "The haunting lyric quality of this CD grabs and holds you. From the first chords of THINGS I'VE ALWAYS KNOWN, you know you have found a gem in this CD. The haunting lyric quality of
    the selections sung with the artist's strong, yet gentle baritone gives a consistency throughout leaving you wanting more. From original Irish tunes to personal vignettes, this is a winner." ---Diana Lindsay, author and

    E-reviews of concerts and albums:

    "Thanks for broadening my horizons with your latest CD. While I know a lot of Irish songs most of those songs were new to me. The ones that I had heard before were arranged so uniquely that they became almost new songs. Great job!
    Thanks for sending it and continued success. John " 3/10/09
    Many thanks to John Philip Wyllie from the San Diego Troubadour for allowing me to post his private email comments on the new CD The Wild Rover.

    "I think your song Hippies is a masterwork, an epic."
    "He did a song called Shipwrecked last night... and it 'wrecked me..,' He introduced it by saying that it was inspired by some of Dylan's best story songs. Well I'm here to tell you it was right up there with them."
    --- Joe Rathburn, Folkey Monkey at Milano's

    "I was extremely taken with 'Shipwrecked.' What a great song. The imagery is so classic... The mark of  a memorable song to me is the desire to learn it and sing it. This one is in that league."
    --- Paul Espinoza of Golden Bough

    “Your voice and style are fabulous. Not many voices can capture Leonard Cohen-like sweet and deep vibrations, but yours does in its own unique and delightful way. I find it hypnotizing in a way,  takes me somewhere else.
    And, your lyrics are fun to think about too.”
    --JS in San Diego

    Please go to to order The Wild Rover featuring I'm a Rover, My Father Loves Nikita Kruschev, I Remember Erin and others.
    Things I've Always Known, featuring Hippies, Suburban Blues, Highway to Taos, Things I've Always Known, & more original --and a few traditional Irish too!

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    The 1960's were a time of dramatic cultural transformation. A new generation seemed
    ready to cast aside all of the presumptions of the post-World War II era and embark
    upon a quest to fundamentally change the way we look at the world. The essence of this
    quest was reflected poetically in the songs of the time. Songwriters and performers set
    about combining folk music traditions with lyrics that dealt with politics, consciousness,
    spirituality and personal freedom in a profoundly different way. In this class we will
    listen to these songs and reflect on how they may have succeeded or failed in changing
    the way we experience our world. Instructor and veteran folk singer Jim Hinton began
    his folk music career in the late 60's. Stay tuned for the next set of classes for 2015.

    UPCOMING: California State University series, Osher program,
    Extended Studies Department SDSU and CSUSM; La Mesa Adult
    Enrichment Center      

    the long-awaited compilation of Jim's finest traditional and
    original Irish/Celtic songs:
    "The Wild Rover" Jim Hinton

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    You may also contact Jim at his Jim Hinton musician page on Facebook.
Album cover: Jim on
the River Liffey,
Dublin, Ireland.

Thanks to videographer, Richard Pollard, for posting several of my concerts to YouTube. Just go
to You Tube and input
Jim Hinton

Mr. Tambourine Man: Across the Pond  

Shipwrecked: Across the Pond
Happenings around Town
My song "Highway to Taos" from my         
CD "Things I've Always Known "was            
used as the introduction and the finale on         
Christine Kent's video for the Taos
Wool         Festival...just paste in this link and
find         that link within. It was an enjoyable
Classes: SDSU & CSUSM Osher Extension; La Mesa Adult Enrichment 2015
JIM on the WEB
Jim Hinton at 33 1/3 by Cher Hinton
Jim is a professional folksinger, songwriter, and arranger. In the
classic style of the bard, Jim offers a vast repertoire of songs from
decades of songwriting and performing Irish and classic folk songs in
pubs and coffee houses. He sings in a relaxed baritone and
accompanies himself on the guitar, bodhran, and the mandocello.
Jim’s knowledge as a folklorist and his ability as a storyteller add
depth and relevance to his performance. His gently ironic sense of
humor connects with listeners of all ages.

Jim in the Studio
1971, Hollywood

Saint Patrick's Day Season
was great...Thanks to all !
Jim Hinton at the Ould Sod
on Saturday April 2
5th at 2-3 pm and April
26th at 4-5 pm
Adams Avenue
Saturday April 2
5 and Sunday April 26, 2015

Free concerts all weekend with 25 stages, 135 performers, 180
sets over 2 days!
Adams Avenue Unplugged:
Great Acoustic Folk Weekend
To read Steve Thorn's great Full Circle feature article on this concert series by Jim and
Dave go to: